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Our Story :

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We would like to introduce ourselves as "Pristine Foods", started in the year 2016 and we are one of the wholesaler & merchant exporter of South India. whose prime objective is to produce quality products for our consumers. We are also working on several other healthy products, which will get launched soon. We believe in the fact that living in harmony with nature is the need of the hour for humans and we do not use any chemicals that would alter the nature.

At this point, we are also happy to say that we have successfully completed 5 years, and our growth factor has been at over 100 percent. We learnt this art of extraction, having spent hundreds of hours doing research on our traditional method, employing the right set of people and the right set of machinery. The fact that we have been one of the premiers in this market for the past 5 years, indicates our commitment and the quality that we maintain.

We the group of like-minded youngsters, only with focus on the quality has joined their hands together to kick start this organisation. The team consists of mixed skills from manufacturing, Finance, IT, and agriculture.

Region We Trade :

With our continues efforts made we have reached the level of international trade. Currently we are selling in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and exporting our products to London, Malaysia, Qatar.

Since there are lot of quality restrictions in cross country trading and huge certifications involved.

We only follow the stringent policies on quality process.


We never compromise and highly trust on "quality".  

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Our Gallery :

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Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

Pristine's daily delivery services from the house of Fresh To Home. It is the destination of choice for traditonal and Preservative -free food - Home Delivered.
Pristine Foods is trusted by consumers in cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai Abroad cities such as London, Doha (Qatar),  Johar (Malaysia).

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We Take Sustainability Seriously

Sustainability includes social responsibility as well as ecology. Fairly Commercial produced foods such as branded coffee, juice, or chocolates involves various process in production and thus consumes natural resources at large. We make sure we produce in natural and traditional way that does not pollute the ecology retains only

the health to our consumers. 

Supporting Local Products

We Support the Local Farmers and SME's cultivating & producing the quality and healthy products organically and struggling to reach out consumers. We serve as a bridge gap between direct farmers to direct consumers. Without the intervention

of middle men this avoid the mixing

of preservatives. serves only the fresh.