About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as "Pristine Foods" , started in the year 2016 and we are one of the merchant exporter of India, whose prime objective is to produce quality products for our consumers. As part of this thought, we have been producing cold pressed edible oils such as "Groundnut / Peanut", "Sesame" and "Coconut" oils. We are also working on several other healthy products, which will get launched soon. We believe in the fact that living in harmony with nature is the need of the hour for humans and we do not use any chemicals that would alter the nature.

At this point, we are also happy to say that we have successfully completed 3 years, and our growth factor has been at over 100 percent. We learnt this art of extraction, having spent hundreds of hours doing research on our traditional method, employing the right set of people and the right set of machinery. The fact that we have been one of the premiers in this market for the past 3 years, indicates our commitment and the quality that we maintain.

Our Objective

“Producing the Highest Quality cold pressed oils with wooden presses using the best quality ingredients”


Our Strength

Prisitine foods is recognized as a safe and a reliable supplier for specialty cold pressed oils and been trusted & preferred supplier status for some of the big brands in South India

A group of like-minded youngsters, only with focus on the quality has joined their hands together to kick start this organisation. The team consists of mixed skills from manufacturing, Finance, IT, and agriculture. 


What is cold pressed?

  • Traditionally in India, oils used for cooking like Groundnut / Peanut oil, Coconut oil and Sesame oil were extracted in wooden mills rotated by bulls, which is now replaced with electric motor. These unrefined oils extraction did not involve heat as the wooden mill do not generate heat and this ensured that the nutrients in the oil remained intact.
  • After extracting in this process, we store unrefined oils in barrels and keep it in sunlight, once the sediments settle, we filter the oil manually and pack it. While filtering nothing is added or taken away.
  • Cold pressed means oil should be extracted below 35°c and should be stored in tinted bottles at a temperature below 20 °C
  • These Oils Contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. Vitamin E) and phosphatides (e.g. Lecithin). The natural flavour and odour is retained, enhancing your favourite recipes.



Quality reports

Pristine foods is constantly assessing ways to improve product quality and safety standards through continuous improvement programs and interlay auditing practices. Pristine Foods focuses on maintaining and growing on the following quality metrics Our Oils are tested by a 3rd party government recognized institutions that also vouch for the quality of the oil that is produced.









Pristine foods strive to meet and exceed the industry’s highest quality standards and regulatory food safety requirements



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Mr. Muzammil

Partner - Sales

Phone: +91 917-613-0341




No:80, Ganapathy Nagar,
5th street, Madambakkam
Chennai - 600126
Tamil Nadu, India